Useful links for tourists in Bosnia and Herzegovina

A list of useful links about Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Shuttle bus transfers

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Shuttle Kor

See a pricelist on website Shuttle Kor – Bosnia transfers.


Public transportation

Bus and train lines between Mostar and Sarajevo. Links below show just some lines. There’re not all listed.

The rule of thumb: Mostar ↔ Konjic ↔ Sarajevo is a frequent route. There are buses going almost every hour.

  • Centrotrans-Eurolines bus operator
  • Autobusni Kolodvor – bus lines between Mostar and Sarajevo (over Konjic). There are some but not all buses listed.
  • Rome 2 Rio – nice website for easy search of public transport from A to B. There are bus lines even from Mostar to Konjic with some (mainly Croatian) couch bus lines.
  • Railcc – train between Sarajevo and Mostar.
  • Official website of Bosnian railways (beware, it’s horrible, yet official) shows main train routes. Or open their timetable finder and select Konjic as Arrival.

Travel information

See the best Konjic attractions with a plan including Neretva Rafting – Raft Kor

  • Come Enjoy Bosnia – tourist information about Bosnia and Herzegovina. It’s also a book you can buy in Bosnia.
  • Wikitravel Sarajevo – Wikipedia for travelling about Sarajevo – including some bus routes
  • Wikitravel Mostar – Wikipedia for travelling about Mostar – including some bus routes